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Members of the Water INTERface IGEP posing for a picture

The Water INTERface Interdisciplinary Graduate Education Program (IGEP) is an exciting education program in which faculty and students collaborate across colleges, departments, and academic units to develop technical and sociological solutions that can transform low-quality water resources into clean, healthy water and to promote water consumption practices throughout society. Interdisciplinary education and research embrace diversity inclusiveness, educational breadth and interdependence. 

Water INTERface IGEP research areas include: 

  • Public Perception: Public perception of technological options and advancements for providing clean water resources (water treatment) 
  • Risks: Risks associated with contaminants and water-borne infectious diseases in private homes, public water systems, and commercial food processing facilities 
  • Chemistry: Role of water chemistry (e.g. mineral composition) in delivering functional qualities such as flavor and bioavailable nutrients 
  • Health: Role of water consumption in health, wellness, and mitigation of mineral deficiencies and diseases including obesity


The Water INTERface IGEP has many successful alumni. The Interdisciplinary graduates of Water INTERface are highly trained experts employed in academia, consulting, industry, and government. Current positions of our graduates include Assistant Professors at Auburn, Florida State University, West Virginia University, Mississippi State University, University of Mississippi, Temple University, University of North Carolina, Tongji University (China); research scientists and engineers with positions in the food industry including Rise Nutritional Counseling, John I. Haas, Inc., McCormick & Company, the Virginia Department of Health, and environmental consulting groups.